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We were talking about new year’s resolutions recently and I was reflecting on mine. A mother’s wishlist for herself is pretty simple – shed off those pounds, have a good night’s sleep, learn a skill & a little ‘ME’ time.

My family lives in Singapore so it’s hard to find help to care for and look after my kiddos. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean I don’t want to spend time with the kids. As traditional asians, I feel like we tend to prioritize our kids’ needs before ours. It’s been 2years (almost 3) that I have spent every single moment (awake and asleep – yes, even when I am dreaming it’s about C & E) thinking of their well-being and growth. Being obsessive over every single milestones, ensuring she grows up with the right values and hovering around her to ensure she is safe. This is not healthy for both the kids and I – they don’t get the chance to fall, explore and be independent (C went to school and had her parent teachers conference and it says exactly that!) and I feel like I can only hold conversations with parents and it will be centered around kids. Did I lose a part of myself? What else is the world concern about? When was it that I lost the ability to converse? All of us need down time where we have the ability to reflect on ourselves and have the space to learn or recharge. It can be a lunch break, a drive home etc.

Candle’s recent evaluation for the last 3 months she attended the school
I got to know of YMCA 4months ago and I couldn’t be happier! I could workout, have some space and still know that my kids are safe and enjoying themselves too 🙂 They have a kids zone where you can can leave the kids to play for 2hrs. They have adults to care for the kids. If you have babies, just leave them a milk bottle and they will feed the little one when he/she is hungry.

Kidszone for toddlers 0-3years old
Kids zone for 3-6years old
There are 2 levels for the YMCA I go to – 2 pools, 2 gym/basketball courts, a couple of exercise rooms (for classes like aerobics, yoga, barre etc), cycling room, kitchen/event area, Cardio & Weights area . You are welcome to join whatever classes they hold (mainly free but a couple will need a small payment i.e. Swimming lessons free for members and 10bucks for non-members).

Swimming pool on the first level

My new addiction is the Trendwall machine – you can adjust the speed and steepness of the wall. It is definitely a full body workout! Bought my new gloves for this challenge~
I’ve been going for the Barre and toddler class. No videos for the Barre but check out the toddler session where they have activities like gym, Scarf ridingtoddler music. This is held in one of the basketball courts.

If you just need some inactive time, there are also some tables and sofas to relax 🙂

All in all I think the YMCA at coal creek is pretty good for everyone looking for a healthy lifestyle with kids in tow because the monthly fees don’t come cheap- I am paying $109per month. It is valid for all YMCA in king county ie. I bought the membership at coal creek but I can visit the other locations at Bellevue, Snoqualmie, Dale Turner and the list goes on. It is pretty convenient in that sense since I am not restricted to an area. There is ample of parking at coal creek so definitely not a concern.

I feel like it is worth it because i am visiting the Y 3 times a week for various activities so it’s 12times a month which works out to be approximately 11bucks per day (usually stay for 2hrs or more). If I bring the kids to an indoor play area, i will have to monitor them & not be very productive myself i.e. Dabuda @ $12 per entry ~$45 per month , Kidsquest Museum @ $95 per month, Seattle Children’s Museum (SEM) @ $22 per entry ~ $70 per month for 1 adult & 1 child , Chuck E. Cheese etc. Last year, I’ve obtained memberships from Kidsquest & SEM and visited all the various indoor play areas with Candle but now that she is going to school the math doesn’t stack up for us. Maybe when Element is a year old, I might just get another membership for indoor play areas again 🙂

Hope this review is useful for you. Do check out the other indoor reviews if you are interested.

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