The die-die-must-try list of Fried Chicken Joints in Seattle

Do you love love love a good piece of fried chicken? We here in Seattle cannot resist a good piece of fried chicken and so we decided to put together a list of favourite and not so favorite fried chicken places. So without further ado: here’s our
list of the good, the so-so and the ugly.
The Good:
Ezell’s chicken
by Shu K.
I’ve only ever tried the Ezell’s in Bellevue, but they have locations all over Seattle, as well as Kent, Renton and Lynnwood. I love this southern style fried chicken joint…how could I not? Even Oprah loves it and would get it flown to her in Chicago when she has a craving!
1. The chicken is fresh. How do I know? According to my mum, the diehard fried chicken fan and big time food critic, the chicken bones are not dark – the dark mark ( hehehe Harry Potter fans!) is in indication of a previously frozen chicken. With the number of happy diners in this restaurant, I imagine it is not hard to have a high turnover and thus a fresh supply of chicken.
2. The breading is tasty and crispy. My family loves the spicy version but the non spicy is just as tasty.
3. The serving size is good. By good I mean each piece is meaty and large.
4. The chicken is well cooked. The meat is still juicy and not dry!!
T2: Sorry, I’m too busy eating to smile.
We got family 16 piece dinner The rolls are always the first to go. We love corn so much we got 2 of  jumbo sides of it.
The sides: I also enjoy their sides. T1 and T2 HEART the rolls and corn. Actually the whole family hearts the rolls and corn. The rolls are pillowy, buttery and large. I could down 2 of these and still have space for 3 more easily. Eat them plain or eat them with butter and honey, we always get an extra order of them. I also like the fried okra – well seasoned, crunchy and not gooey (extra 10 minutes to cook this). I am not a fan of the mac and cheese. It was a let down to be honest, especially since I’ve had many a good mac and cheese down south. They were generous with the cheese sauce but it had no flavor. I would say my mac and cheese heart belongs to Beecher’s (but that’s another story). There can be a bit of a wait at lunch and dinner and seating can be tight. If you come in a big party, be prepared to sit separately. Parking at the Bellevue location isn’t a problem. The price is higher than KFC but in my humble opinion, totally worth it.
Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya @ Bellevue
By Angeline O.
As a family, we all love ramen especially those with rich and thick broth – the hours spent cooking the bones gave the broth depth and flavour. Everytime we come here, we will definitely order the Garlic Citrus fried chicken wings. The skin is crispy and crunchy. The meat was juicy and tender. Marinate was done perfectly, i could taste the garlicky-citrusy aroma with every bite. A plate came with 5 mid-wings and cost $6.50. I think the wings shrunk in size compared to the previous times we visited. It is not the cheapest place for fried chicken but definitely one of the most memorable fried chicken options at a ramen shop! You have got to try it 🙂
by Shu K.
Jinya has delicious ramen but that’s another story. This review is about their delicious chicken! After a day at the Crossroads Mall of riding quarter kiddy rides, we like to head to Jinya for some ramen (Tonkotsu Black with thick noodles please!) and a big heaping plate of karage chicken. It is simply listed as crispy chicken on the menu and crispy it is! There are 3 options(5/10/15 pieces) but we ALWAYS get the 15 pieces for $14 even when it is just Big T, me and the kids. Each piece of chicken is generous size and not overwhelmed by batter, It tastes good the next day too, I happily eat it cold straight out of the take out container! Parking is abundant but the restaurant is pretty small and the wait can be long if you come in a big group (there is only one huge table in the center of the room that can accommodate a bunch of people).
by Shu K.
This Filipino fast food chain at Southcenter serves a variety of items on the menu. It often has long lines of people waiting patiently for the fried chicken and with good reason. The chicken is crispy on the outside and still juicy on the inside. The prices are pretty comparable to other fast food chicken chains. I like the fried chicken at this joint but some of the other items didn’t really do it for me. I am not used to sweet Filipino spaghetti, the Fiesta Noodles did not have much flavor and Halo halo was very sweet. It can also be hard to find seating. Nonetheless, the fried chicken is a go! Give it a try if you headed to drop off or pick up someone at the airport!
The So So:
KFC -Issaquah Branch
By Angeline O.
After a good gym workout, all we crave for are fried food and carbonated drinks to sum up the great day! So I have been craving fried chicken for weeks and then heard an advertisement on the radio for KFC’s spicy chicken burger – Zinger! I am such a crazy spicy-anything fan so I had to try it immediately! It was also because this is my go-to burger whenever i get into KFC when i was in Singapore – i am such a creature of habit when it comes to food.  I usually do a drive thru if it was for weekday lunch – only because it is easier to let the kids roam free at home the have them strapped into a restaurant seat.
It came in a value meal with Zinger burger, wedges, a cookie and a drink for $5 (before tax). Pretty worth it for the price.
It looks exactly like i expect compared to the Zinger in Singapore. The initial thought that went through my head was: KFC will probably have adjusted the level of spice in this recipe because most locals cannot take the same heat as Asians. First bite and I was wrong – it tasted exactly the same. That is a relief since i love spice 🙂 Since there is no char kway teow, i will be back for Zinger for a taste of home.
I have ranked it so-so because I have tried on 2 separate occasions for drive-thru and bought dark meat (thats the lingo they use here: Dark meat refering to chicken drumsticks and thigh or white meat refering to chicken breast). First time the meat was juicy and tender and i thought it was pretty good so i went for another drive-thru. This time it tasted like i had cold and dried-out leftovers. I never went back again until their recent launch of the Zinger.
I will say its a hit-or-miss for the quality. It will probably be best to go during lunch or dinner when there is a higher turnover and pray that you get the batch that just came out of the fryer !
Buffalo Wild Wings – Lynnwood Location
By Shu K.
I love me some wings. In fact, I love Buffalo Wild Wings. So WHY would I put it in the so so category? In college, we loved going to B-Dubs (our code name for the place in college), cheap wings on Tuesday, a myriad of flavors, and even a boneless option available, what’s not to love? This Lynnwood location is located close to the Alderwood mall so it is easy to get to after a day of shopping or a grocery run at the H mart close by. The wings are pretty standard, our favorite flavors are parmesan garlic and mango habanero. The super hot flavor just numbs your mouth in my opinion and you can’t taste anything at all after. The service is OK…we have good servers and bad servers. The tables feel a little sticky always but the main issue is that it is so LOUD. I know it is a sports bar so they tune up the volume during football games and other sporting events, but otherwise is it really necessary to have the music so loud that Big T. and I are practically shouting at each other to be heard. This restaurant is not family friendly. I think the music is way too loud for the little ones. It is a major thumbs down in my book.
Chik Fil A – Bellevue location
By Shu K.
Okay, the good first. I like that the chicken actually looks like chicken at this fast food joint. The chicken patty is always a good size, and the breading is not overwhelming in the fried option. The fries are pretty tasty too. I like that they have books available as the toy option in the kids meal. SO what do I not like? The drive through line is always ridiculous at any time of day so that is always a turn off, especially with little kids waiting in the car. Wait you say…this is a review about fried chicken….so yes, here is my beef (hehe!) with Chik Fil A: The nuggets. The grilled nuggets are slimy. That is just a big YUCK in my book. The fried nuggets make me sick every single time I eat it. I don’t know why. I think they fried nuggets are tasty, but there is something about it that makes me sick. I have tried the nuggets at least 6 times. About 20 minutes after eating the nuggets, I always feel a tummyache coming on and slightly nauseated. Additionally, they spray something bitter on the kid’s fruit cup to maintain the color. Hence, a so so rating for Chik Fil A, I like the burgers but avoid some items on the menu like the plague.
The Ugly:
King’s Chinese Restaurant
by Shu K. and Angeline O.
We had dinner with the families at this restaurant that is well suited to accomodating large tables (big plus point). The other dishes at this restaurant are pretty good and Angeline’s hubby is a fan of the dim sum. But this is a review about fried chicken and this restaurant is in the ugly section when it comes to their crispy skin chicken (Cui Pi Ji) – Heed my warning… DO NOT get it. I repeat…DO NOT. The skin is crispy…I’ll give that to them but the chicken was so so so over done and dry that Angeline remarked half way through her first piece “This is so bad. What am I eating?” That was so gut wrenchingly honest that I burst out laughing. Prices are fairly standard for Chinese restaurants in the area. Parking is ample. But the fried chicken was BAD.
Hue Ky Mi Gia
By Angeline O.
You know how you some people walk into the same diner every week  and orders the same thing every time? I am definitely one of them. It’s not that I don’t want to be adventurous and try other options but I am coming to the store again because I like a specific dish and will not be able to stomach more than one dish. Although there will be days when we are super hungry, that is when I will get the opportunity to order an appetizer on the side. Almost 3quarters of the patrons have fried chicken on their table so I figured I should give it a shot.
I was so excited just thinking about it! It was served on a plate and looked like a pretty big portion for 2 pax (that is because we both ordered a main dish as well).
When I got to try it, i was pretty much disappointed because it looks like a good portion because there was higher ratio of flour than chicken. There was also a smell that reeked of overused oil. Not a pleasant experience and I think we didn’t manage to finish the fried chicken.
I am so glad it wasn’t the first dish I ordered when I first came to this store. If it was I might not be patronizing it again.
My humble advice will be to stick to their specialty on your next visit – roasted or braised duck noodles. Don’t order anything fried!!

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