Van-cool-ver (Vancouver, B.C)

Singaporeans love their food. To put it more accurately, it is a national obsession. We queued simply because there’s a queue, (What!?) and we are fervently searching for that plate of best tasting ‘insert-your-favorite-hawker-dish’. What happens when Seattle cannot satisfy our tastebuds? 

We travel up North of Seattle to Vancouver, British Columbia, almost every 6-8 weeks to run a few ‘errands’, which most people cannot fathom why the long drive just……… to eat? 

Amongst our food expeditions, we have a regular hairdresser we go to (18 Canadian Dollars for a ‘Gangnam’ style haircut! No brainer), we love the nature and kid’s friendly activities Vancouver has to offer. 

Dimsum galore at Sun Sui Wah.

There is wide variety of Dim Sum restaurants in Vancouver and after many Dim Sum hopping, Sun Sui Wah is my personal favorite. 

Motomachi Shokudo
Spicy Miso Ramen with Organic Chicken
Charcoal Miso Ramen

Average ramen only because we were spoilt by the likes of Santouka and Ippudo in Boston and Singapore respectively. 

Granville island is another spot we adore. If you arrive close to lunch hours (1130am to 1pm), you might need to hold your parking god dear and close to help locate a lot before you start losing patience and honking and driving like a maniac in Beautiful (and Peaceful) British Columbia. No prizes for guessing what an angst Camelback did. 

Beam training in progress
Geese and ducks (and poop) everywhere
Inside of Granville market. It’s about to get colorful for Spring
Freshly made pasta.
All kinds of hippie salt and rubs
Magic cauldron of butter, sauces and broths

There is a two storeys indoor Kid’s Market (coined perfectly for the mayhem inside) where children can play their hearts out in ball pits, arcade and slides. 

Parents advisory: High decibels. 

We popped over to Prospect Point (shops under renovation) and Stanley Park for some fresh air and to be very honest, making sure we exhausted our toddler before taking the drive home. 

The best thing that could ever happened to a parent is a sleeping child in (any) enclosed space. 

Riding the camel
Totally random but we love our bogs!

Another day, another city. Gotta keep moving! 

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