Thinking of a 2nd kid?

U know how you hear people saying it’s great to have more than one kid because the kids will play together and you will find yourself with a little more free time? Well, I feel like that is true if the kiddos are at least 1yo and have learned to appreciate playing together.

Candle is a couple of months short of 3yo. She is very outgoing and loves to play pretend, sing & paint. She watches ‘dinosaur train’ and pretends to be the train conductor while I am tasked to be a dinosaur passenger(along with all the stuffed animals), pretend to cook some food and have me taste them, sing nursery rhymes and also sing along to my impromptu made-up song, we do a painting each to hang up on the wall and the list goes on… In short, she needs company that will be able to contribute at the same level.

Element is 4mo. She is mostly lying down, learning about the  different textures, unique sounds and enjoying the beautiful colors in this world. All she needs is for me to feed her, bathe her and hold her. When she was born, she had a severe case of jaundice. It was winter then, there wasn’t any sun so a nurse was scheduled to bring the blue light machine as substitute. At that time I could not produce enough milk through nursing for her so I was asked to express them out and when necessary add formula. Since then she’s been hooked onto the bottle and expressed disinterest to be nursed.

That brings me to the bottleneck – which is me, myself and I. I feel like at any sec there are 2 things for me to do. Entertain one/both kiddo at the same time, get lunch & dinner ready, express enough milk every 6hrs (4times/day) for the next feed and of course still making sure the household chores are done. The stress points are usually during lunch (12pm-1pm) and dinner time (5-6pm) where I have to prepare/cook, express milk and entertain the kiddos, handling all 4 tasks in the same hour(these times just make me wonder if being an octopus helps?). With a lifestyle like this, it is actually hard to even pick up the phone because you will rather spend that free second heading to the toilet (whatever that has been pent up since D left for work has to be released). How is it that I can write a post this long if I am that busy? I am lucky in a way that I get to drop Clare off 3 days in a week (these are precious days where I can hit up the gym, do some groceries shopping, do some household chores etc) which leaves me a little time for myself when Ellie is asleep. But you get the gist.

I believe that things will get better and the craziness is probably going to last another couple of months. I’m not trying to deter you from having another kiddo but just trying to get you prepared for what is coming at the initial phase. It is easier to be prepared to jump over a pit than fall in unknowingly.

No matter how hard it has been, every time I wake up at night, I’ll take a peek at the little faces and it brings a smile to mine.

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