The ropes course at Medina Park

We were at the Home Depot buying stuff…I forget what we were there for but what I do remember is that my 2 kids were busy turning the shopping cart into their personal playground. The Home Depot has a great cart for kids with 2 steering wheels so the kids can pretend to drive around as you navigate the massive home improvement store. While this alone may entertain some kids for hours… this would entertain T1 and T2 if we were say racing up and down the aisles of Home Depot and performing Fast and Furious style drifts (much to the chagrin of Home Depot employees of course). So while other kids are sitting quietly in their carts, my monkeys are climbing in and out the driving seat into the shopping basket, or dangling on the side of the cart.
When I see them dangling like that…it makes me think they need to exercise and get their energy out. Gosh am I glad that Medina Park has finally finished it playground remodel ( also looking forward to the completion of the Downtown Bellevue Park playground remodel).
The new playground has an awesome ropes course perfect for T1 and with a little assistance, T2.
Additionally, the playground updated the seesaw, added a merry go round, retained the old swings, slides and the sandpit with dump trucks.
There is a bathroom close by but only 1 stall each, so if your kid is urgent and there is a wait… It is not a shady park so come earlier in the day or later in the evening to avoid the sun. There is a decent amount of seating available for parents or dumping the diaper bag. The playground is kind of close to the car park so I do wish it were fenced off or further back. If the kids get bored, you can take a nice meandering walk around the lakes in the park. There are also tennis courts off to the side.

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