Sunny Afternoon at Richmond Beach Saltwater Park

It was a sunny afternoon today, and I mean really sunny. But I’m not complaining. After six months of mostly rain, we seattlites deserve some good sunshine! So my friend and I took the kids to the beach after the older ones were done with school.

We are really lucky that Richmond Beach Saltwater Park is really near to our homes and not like 2 hours drive away. When we were in San Jose, CA, we had to drive 2 hours to Carmel for the fine sand beaches, which are very nice, by the way, just too far away, that’s all.

This beach has plenty of parking but the parking is not near the beach. Beach-goers will have to cross a bridge to access the beach, which means going back and forth with young children if you forget something can be a challenge. There is bathroom at the beach, but there is no wash point, so be prepared to walk back to the car in sandy wet shoes and/or clothes.

This is a rather quiet beach, even in the summer. There is a mix of sand and rocks on the beach plus many logs washed ashore by the waves. Because the beach faces the west, be prepared with sunblock, hats and/or umbrellas when visiting in the afternoon. Since today was a spring afternoon, the sun was just warm enough to play and get wet but not scorching hot yet.

The kids were throwing rock into the sea. This may be a very dangerous activity, so be extra cautious. I let the kids do it because I know they really like it and they listen and throw only the smaller stones. Today the kids step into the clear waters too, which is really refreshing on a warm day.

I love seeing these two friends play together. So sweet and so cute. May they enjoy each other’s friendship for a long long time.

XOXO, Grace

P.S. If you have a liking for my picnic mat and wonder where I got it, you might want to know that I made it. 😀

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