Strawberry Festival at Richmond Beach

How did your weekend go? Many of us celebrated Mother’s Day with our loved ones. Some of us, with a heavy heart, may just let the weekend slip away. No matter how you feel about the festivities, I hope you had a good break and feel refreshed this week. After all, it’s already midweek and half of May has already slipped by…

The kids and their teachers spent a lot of time in school preparing crafts and gifts for the mommies. This is indeed a very nice gesture that I truly appreciate and cherish.

The boy came home with this handprinted poem and I cried. I have read this poem many times before but this is the first time I received it and I guess being a recipient, the emotions are way more intense.

The girl came home with this little pot of seeds and three of them have already sprouted! This is yet another reminder for myself that the days are long but the years are short. I have to remember to let things go and take things slow sometimes.

So this weekend, Daddy is not in town and I am solo-parenting. We attended the strawberry festival in our Richmond Beach community. It was a bright sunny day, and I intentionally arrived two hours after the event started, hoping that parking will be easier. We couldn’t find a good parking space that was near enough for me to walk with three kids without stress, so I circled one more round. I was lucky the second time around and found ourselves parked opposite the Richmond Beach library.

The first thing you see as you enter the community park next to the library is probably the tents selling the tickets to the food and games at the festival. All transactions is done in tickets, so you definitely have to get hold of some of these before you stay in line for anything. Each ticket is $1. Look how happy E1 is with her ticket. It was as if she has won a raffle or something.

I had this rule with the kids that I would only purchase a number of tickets (any number within your comfort zone) and let them know how many each of them will get. Once the tickets are gone, that’s it. This means that the kids have to carefully plan their “spending” or otherwise, use it for their most prized activity first. And so they did. All they wanted to do was to bounce at the bouncy obstacle course (above) and the bouncy house (below).

And then we went for some carnival games. The games at the festival are a “sure-win”. That means, you would get a prize no matter how you score. It’s just what you get. Which is kind of nice for little kids because the last thing I want to do at a festival is to handle disappointment (or worse, meltdowns).

There were also some booths set up by the sponsors and you also get to play games (below) and get free door gifts – toothbrushes from dentists and bandages from healthcare providers, etc.

But what I love most about this festival is the Beach Orcas On Parade exhibit showcasing 22 artist-embellished art pieces. As you already know, the girl and I are obsessed with art, and orca is the boy favorite favorite animal! What a win-win!

Oh, did I also mention that a pod of orcas were just sighted near Richmond beach last week?It was a pity we didn’t see it, but you can see the news post here.

Audience are asked to pick their favorite orca and place their poll, although I do not know what is the poll for. The kids and I just did it for fun and boy, it was hard to choose a favorite out of all twenty-two pieces of beautiful art!

This is E2’s favorite orca. Octopus on an orca – thrilling and action-packed, just the kind of art for the boy.

“You are the orca, I’m the octopus. I’m gonna catch you!”

This is E1’s favorite orca. Colorful and sweet, just like the girl.

So glad we attended the festival, because I really enjoyed seeing the kids enjoying art. Three thumbs up.

Later that day, they made another art of their own.

E1 was teaching E2 how to spread watercolors on wet paper, a technique I recently taught her during our weekly art class this week. I’m so happy to see them working together on a piece of art. It’s not always like this because E1 is a perfectionist and she can’t handle E2’s “still developing” fine motor skills.

And the lovely art they did turns out beautifully.

I love it. Very much.

XOXO, Grace

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