Small Frye Storytelling + Art

Two fridays ago we attended the Small Frye Storytelling + Art event at the Frye Museum in Seattle. It was our first time there. Even though we were 15 minutes earlier, we weren’t able to find parking in the free parking lot opposite the museum on Terry. Looks like next time I got to be way earlier. Luckily, I went with a friend and she took the kids to the museum while I circled around with E3 sleeping in the car seat.

As the event title suggest, the coordinators start the program with storytelling. This month, they read Flower Garden by Eve Bunting.

The coordinators were very engaging and the kids totally enjoyed it!

After storytelling, the kids sat down quietly, waiting for the coordinators to distribute the art materials.

To go with the book of the month, the kids were decorating flower pots.

They were all given a white flower pot and scraps of tissue paper. Using glue, they stick the tissue paper on the flower pot like a papier-mâché.

It’s interesting to see the color choice of different kids.

Mine came home with a pot made with mainly warm colored tissue paper. Always warm.

While the girls, prefer some lovely shades of pink and purple.

The seating at this event is limited and I think the coordinators did a great job organizing and running the program smoothly. The book for storytelling was carefully chosen for the kids. The craft was carefully planned to match the book. There were enough space and materials for the art session.

I think we will come back again.

XOXO, Grace


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