Shilshole Boatfest @ Ballard

Floating on the waters hearing the sound of waves splashing against the boat – this combination brings comfort to my soul.

I love being on the waters.. was it a habit formed during the 2years I was competing in the university’s dragon boat team? I am not exactly sure but I know I love the waters more so than the forest – don’t get me wrong I will choose to wander up trekking routes if I get hold of any chance.

There was a boat fest in hipster Ballard and I was definitely not gonna miss it! I had to give Candle an opportunity to check these boats out and maybe one fine day she might say: ‘Mummy, Let’s go canoeing!’. I am patiently waiting for such a day 🙂

There was a couple of display sailboats on land. Booths were setup by different companies to register for trial boat rides and also for summer class participants. A Beer Garden round the corner for the thirsty and food trucks for the hungry!

Along the dock, we checked out liveonboard boats and some speedboats. Apparently there was even a 2hr boat ride that the early birds signed up for onboard a majestic Sailboat that was too full by the time we got there. There were even boats on sale if you are interested to get any!

Boat ride with CYC

Inside a liveonboard – they sailed all the way to Mexico!

Dock entrance to the boats
Sailboat on display

Happy people went out to sea for a couple of hours and caught some ling cod! This is as fresh as it gets.

The next time I’m at a marina, it’ll be my turn to set out for sea!!

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