Science and Art: Fun with diffusion paper

While I was out and about this week, I picked up some really neat diffusion paper that had been pre-cut into a turtle, seahorse and fish – T1 loves marine life! So I thought it would make for a really fun art project on the weekend. Diffusion paper is basically a thicker and sturdier sheet of filter paper and can be easily obtained at your local craft store or online.

3 sheets were not going to be enough for T1 and T2 so I cut out some other shapes from coffee filters we had lying around the house. If you have some medicine droppers lying around, it would make for a really neat craft, but if you don’t, you can do what we did.

Diffusion paper
Paint brushes
Wax paper

I try to keep clean up a little easier so we did the craft in little plastic tubs. To prevent the filter paper/diffusion paper from sticking, we laid them on top of wax paper. I drew outlines on the diffusion paper with a Sharpie before we painted them. We encouraged T1 and T2 to paint their favorite colors in little dots all around the diffusion paper cut outs.

Then we had them use the paint brushes to dab droplets of water on top of the paint. Then we stood back and watched the magic happened. We got to watch the paint diffuse out and mix and mingle with other colors. This also gave us the chance to explain a little science while having fun together on a Saturday morning.

No prizes for guessing which ones were done by T2.

I managed to persuade her to try some other colors on the seahorse other than pink, dark pink and light pink. Woo! Achievement unlocked!

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