Review of the Brief Encounter Cafe

Are you a big fan of brunch? We are. Some of our favorite brunch places includes Salty’s in West Seattle, dim sum at Top Gun, and Portage Bay in the U District. Salty’s has an amazing spread and view but is expensive. With 3 little ones in tow, it can be hard to truly enjoy the buffet spread or the view. Wrestling with parking at Top Gun in Factoria is never fun and while the food is amazing at Portage Bay, the portions are small, parking is tough and the wait is long. These factors can turn a delicious brunch into a less than enjoyable experience. We like eating at our neighborhood brunch place, The Brief Encounter Café. Ample parking, short waits, friendly wait staff, decent serving portions, tasty food and quick service make it a great place to pop by for a quick and hassle free brunch. The prices are maybe 2 to 3 more bucks that I would like to pay but I don’t mind it for the above reasons.

The menu at the Brief Encounter Café.


Big T always orders the breakfast burrito and I like the scrambled eggs with toppings. I find the kids’ menu to be pricey and often will order a regular breakfast item and have the kids split it.



The kids like to play with the jam packets, counting them, building jam castles, balancing jam packets on their heads while waiting for their food.

Sometimes they will check out the poster wall to see what’s happening in Bellevue and Seattle.


I really enjoy seeing my kids eat and I like that they enjoy the food here. They like the fluffy pancakes and love the scrambled eggs! When the kids sit down and eat without wandering around, it makes my brunch date extra awesome and enjoyable!

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