Review of Chuck E. Cheese at Bellevue

It gets us so excited just thinking of this place! You know how the play areas we have for toddlers are exactly that – just for toddlers. Adults do not get much fun out of these places. Chuck E. Cheese is different. We felt like little kids there too and totally enjoyed ourselves 🙂

Obtain an entry stamp before accessing the store

Chuck E. Cheese has the setup of an arcade – definitely with machines tuned to a lower decibel so it is not deafening for the kids. These machines have healthy content and are targeted to help kids with their hand-eye coordination, improve their reaction speed and expose kids to the different variety of sports ie. horse-riding, basketball, driving etc. There are also quite a number of machines for picture-taking which can be used as keepsakes.

The multiple options at Chuck E Cheese.

T1 and T2 racing against each other
T1 attempting to bowl
Angeline and Candle enjoying a horse ride together!
2 for 1 deal on a token!
The concept here is such that you purchase tokens from the counter and you will be given a Chuck E. Cheese card. If you run out of tokens, you can use the same card to reload with more tokens. We went for 120 tokens at $30. There are also value meals that are available that comes with some tokens. We were there on a Monday when they had a buffet deal for $6.99. We had access to 3 different kind of pizzas, a salad with different dressing of our choice and a dessert pizza. This buffet spread is available from Monday to Fridays from 11am – 2pm. Buffet is free for kids 2 and under with an adult purchase. If you are coming for the buffet, do not expect really good quality pizzas. It is good for a day where you do not feel like preparing lunch and just want to get the kids out the door for fun and fill their tummies at the same time.

The moment the kids came thought the door, they were all over the place! Candle took off with speed and headed for the train machine. T1 and T2 went straight for the climbing structures.


Candle on her favorite train
T1 and T2 on the climbing structure
Shu and I were hooked on a racing machine where we had to press the button and react at an appropriate time so that we can hit the jackpot of tickets (starts at 50 but increases with every failed attempt). I think we won at least 200 tickets from playing this. I feel like I could be spending all my tokens here if the kids did not want to explore the other machines. Trust me! It is super addictive. Big T got to try his hand at hoops, reliving his college bball days.

Nothing like a long satisfying string of tickets!

Big T at the basketball station
We were there from 12pm -4pm. Before we left, Chuck E. Cheese mascot came around for 5mins of singing, dancing, picture-taking and gave away some free tickets.

Candle and T1 posing with Chuck E. Cheese
We exchanged 800tickets for 2 mini bubble dubble machines
All in all, I felt like I had as much fun as the kids and I will definitely be back again. Next time round I will head to Dough Zone that is around the corner from Chuck E. Cheese for some yummy xiao long bao! If possible, I might head across to Fred Meyer for some grocery shopping too! Feeling the love for this place 🙂


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