Pinterest success!

I was on Pinterest checking out new ideas and was inspired to try a few of them out with the kids.Except…it was 11pm and I would have to wait till morning. I was excited about this project as we had all the materials lying around and it would make pretty cute wall art for their playroom. Additionally, it looked like it would actually work (the last time I tried a Pinterest hack it involved green Listerine and the PROMISE of soft feet – I ended up with rough GREEN feet).

Brushes or use your fingers
Painter’s tape (easily obtainable at hardware stores like Home Depot or Lowes)

Using painter’s tape, I taped out the word ‘Love’ on the canvas, substituting a heart for the letter O (the kids thought this was really funny for some reason).

We squeezed dots of paint all over the canvas  and blended all the colors together. Initially, T2 wanted pink paint but of course, we were out of red, white and pink. So it was pretty fun to try other color combinations to achieve pink. We ended up getting close with dark orange and yellow that looked slightly pinkish.

It was really neat to see all the colors blend together.

We were done painting in about 20 minutes.

Then came the hard part….waiting for it all to dry. The weather was gorgeous (is Spring finally here to stay?) so out we went for a bike and scooter ride.

When we came back in, the kids were jumping at the bit to pull the tape off. T1 did 2 letters and T2 did the other 2.

They were so pleased with the results, they wanted to do another one. I think we will try candles or crayons with water color next for some secret messages!


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