Our Journey with Redmond Toddler Group (Co-Op) 

Sushi is finally 2 and this marks another milestone in her life and reminds me our time with Ms. Ann at Redmond Toddler Group (RTG) has come to an end.
When Sushi was around 3 months old, I began to scout for a regular ‘school’ that she could attend. Not too many schools admit infants, even for Co-Op schools, and when I came across RTG I was ecstatic and after a tour during the open house, I signed us up for class starting Fall’15.

In a Co-Op school, the parent is the student and the child is the subject mattter which the student is learning about. In RTG’s case, we are students registered in LWIT and we are issued our student cards (all the student’s discounts and perks!)

We have duties in the class, parent-education, outside of class curriculum and particiption. When the class progresses to 12mo and older, parents rotate to bring in snacks (strictly peanut-free) and take turns to clean up the classroom throughout the school term.

Parent-education class has been most fulfilling for me where topics such as toddlers’ eating habits, emotional coaching, potty training and handling of separation anxiety are being discussed.
Each school term, students are required to attend 2 night classes (legit reason for mothers to have a ‘night-out’, a break from the kids!) where the school invites speakers and education experts and organizes CPR / First- Aid classes. The curriculum also includes 2 class events, where we would usually visit farms (usually Ferrel McWhirter Park in Redmond) and ends off with a class picnic at Marymoor Park in mid-June!

Througout the year, RTG also organizes Santa party, pajamas night, Mother’s & Father’s day card making events.

Santa Party 2016

Each year, we help organize the RTG’s carnival that takes places in Evergreen Middle School sometime around early March. This has been RTG’s tradition and an important event that the local community looks forward to for over 30 years! The funds raised will be put into subsidizing RTG’s operating costs and help support local families who require financial assistance, including foster families.

RTG Carnival 2017
My friend, Heather, and I manning the booth
Which kid doesn’t fancy a tattoo!
Fishing time!
The racing station was the toughest to man! Kids refusing to get off the coupes
Sushi chose this bunny cake for her cake walk

Personally, I find the curriculum in RTG well-planned with a good mix of activities, be it sensory, art and nature, there will be one that inspires and interests a child.

Circle time with bubbles is always a hit!
Stringing fruit loops into a caterpillar
Planting her own grass seeds
Fishing and water play

It has been a wild ride for me in this ‘parenthood’ journey and I am glad we have discovered RTG, an inclusive and nurturing learning environment for Sushi.

RTG is located off Redmond’s Whole Foods Market, and for new families in the area, do check them out during their open house! We hope you guys will enjoy RTG as much as we did.

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