Orcas Island (San Juan County, WA)

Our family has made a series of very lofty plans to take down the Canyon plains down South in Arizona, Utah and Colorado, the great Denali mountain of Alaska and our neighbor up North in Banff. With these conquers in mind, we decided to finish up with what’s left in Washington – Orcas island. (Ah, and Lopez)

The days are turning warmer, more people are heading outdoors and to avoid disappointment at the ferry terminal, we strongly recommend to reserve your ferry tickets with WSDOT beforehand. Just a friendly reminder, reserved ticket holders are required to arrive 30 minutes before departure timing  to avoid being placed ‘On Hold’.

We left home at 530am and took a 1.5 hrs drive to Anacortes before finally boarding the ferry bound for Orcas island which took us another 1.5 hrs. We deliberately took the early ferry so that Sushi would remain in a knocked out, ‘I am so sleepy’ mode throughout the car journey. She was ready to pounce and bounce by the time we boarded the ferry but that’s okay as there were plenty of space. Bring it on!

Chasing them waves
‘I pounce & I bounce & I wear you down!’


We hit up the Jetty at West Sound, took a leisure drive around the Bay before we took a hike in Moran State Park to Cascade and Hidden Falls and Mount Constitution. It was a pity that we were unable to see the beautiful panaromic view from Mount Constitution as it was a foggy morning. We called it a day after we successfully made our way to the beachside in Obstruction Pass State Park.

Jetty view at West Sound
Hiking in Moran State Park
Mid-hike to Hidden Falls
Nth Falls conquered!
View from the Fort at Mt Constitution
Camelback showing Sushi some stone skipping techniques

One of our fondest activity to do when we visit new places is to try new restaurants and eat local. We have bookmarked many restaurants prior to our trip and found Eastsound to be where the ‘buzz’ is. Unfortunately, we got all excited about the sights and hikes and missed most of their lunch hours and randomly popped into Roses Cafe.

Boy, am I glad we found this gem!

I had what seemed standard on most cafes’ menu, linguine with white wine, but what drawn me to this dish was the choice of fresh local Lopez clams instead of the usual Manila clams. For a pasta junkie like me, this is one of the most sumptuous and satsifying pasta I’ve had for awhile.


Pardon the lack of visuals for Camelback’s spicy stew with poached egg (heavenly!) and Sushi’s cream of asparagus & kale (oh-so-yummy) soup. I have morphed into a werewolf devouring what’s (left) on the table.

Family that hikes together, stays together.

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