Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

Northwest Trek Wildlife Park is located South of Puyallup and about 30 miles west of Mt Rainier. Traffic leading into Northwest Trek gets a little heavy after crossing Puyallup town around 1130am therefore it pays to wake up early and beat the other road users.

Having visited both Wildlife Safari in Winston, OR, and Olympic Game Farm in Sequim, WA, we have become very spoilt with our experiences with wildlife. That being said, we knew that Northwest Trek offers a slightly different experience, there are walkings and hide-&-seek with the animals.

Arrived at the Park at 1230pm and the lots near to the Park’s entrance were all taken.

For Microsofties’ with Prime Passport Card, you get a discount of $3 off for adults’ admission. So be sure to bring along your Prime card! Also, if you are a militant and resident of Pierce County. Tots under 2 is free. (Yay!)

We got tram tickets for the day as well. The tram rides have specific timings so be sure to arrive at the Tram station at your designated time slot.

Our time slot was for 130pm and we had an hour before the tram ride to walk around. We started with the outer trail that surrounds the Cats’ (Lynx, Bobcat, Coyote), Bears’ (Grizzly, Black) and Fox’s habitats.

We quickly realized the animals were mostly in ‘hiding’ mode, we had to search high and low for them and even then, some were nowhere to be seen.

Sushi lost interest in searching for the animals after our 3rd stop and fortunately, it was time for our tram ride.

We arrived at the tram station 10 minutes prior to our 130pm time slot and we were the last of the lot. Tram ride was pretty popular and if you wanted to have a pick of your seats, arrive at the station early. A quick tip, choose seats on the left of the tram, you get more exposure with the wildlife.

We got to see some Bisons, Goats, Canadian Geese, Deers and Moose. The entire tram ride took about 50-55 minutes and in my opinion was way too long for what the Park has to offer. At the halfway point, toddlers onboard were getting cranky and the decibels were rising.

Make sure to feed your toddler well before the ride, as there is strictly no food and drink on the tram. After 50 minutes, I was (very) glad the ride was over.

We finished with some inner trails made up of Birds mostly before we headed to Kids’ Trek zone.

Kids’ Trek was a cool area for the kids to climb around, soak their feet in the water and really just make merry. We spent close to an hour here!

They have many benches around the park and big areas for picnic so it would be good to pack your lunches and snacks in abundance. Or bring more cash as some food pavilions only accept cash transactions.

While Sushi had fun at the Kids’ Trek, we probably would not be revisiting the park anytime soon. We were rather underwhelmed as they have far too little wildlife for visitors to enjoy.

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