Magnetic Building Tiles for under 2 (Picasso Tiles Vs Magformers)

I believe we first tried out these magnet building tiles at AmazonBooks in University Village in Seattle. They had Magformers for kids to try out at the play area. After fiddling with them for awhile, I found out that Sushi was not particularly interested except if she could single-handedly destroy what others have built. I have also noticed the kids who were crowding around these tiles were much older, in the 3-4 years old preschool group minimum. Upon checking the price tag of these tiles, I heaved a sigh of relief knowing I won’t have to whip out that cash anytime soon.

It was not a few months ago that we crossed paths with these magnetic building tiles again. This time at a friend’s house and she has a toddler of the same age as Sushi. During the playdate, I was amazed by how Sushi’s playmate were making use of these tiles and building structures one after another. And by peer pressure, Sushi began to build and spent a lot of time with the tiles whenever we were over.

The big price tag to this toy comes from the magnets they used and some would arguably state that Magformers have stronger magnets hence easier for the structures to stick and more ‘fingers- friendly’. 

Having tried both Magformers and Picasso Tiles, they have the following differences:

  • Magformers come in smaller sizes tile size as compared to Picasso Tiles
  • Magformers do have slightly stronger magnetic tiles than Picasso’s

The stronger magnetic tiles do not appeal to Sushi as I have to constantly separate the tiles for her and this frustrates the both of us. With that in mind, we got a 100pcs Picasso Tiles for $66.99 (A 62pcs Magnaformers would cost $66.13, both prices listed on AmazonPrime). I strongly reccommend a minimum of 100 pieces as the tiles do run out quick when you are building with your toddler.

I have been guiding Sushi with these tiles ever since we bought them. Initially, I have to pique her interest by showing her how tall I could build mine. Gradually, I noticed that she is getting more comfortable with the stacking and challenging herself to stack higher. She has also been asking to ‘Build Tiles!’ every afternoon.

I have learned to patiently guide Sushi with these tiles and am very pleased that she is getting so much fun out of them now!

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