Living our own life

I was having a lunch break after gym at the YMCA and bumped into a fellow mummy with 2kiddos. I met her 4months ago and I kinda remembered her telling me about her concerns about the limitations of working out. She was telling me about her kids, feeling old at 27, having a body that doesn’t function as well(she loved running and used to run a lot in school) – knees that hurts when she runs and a whole wardrobe she can’t fit into anymore.
This got me thinking about life as a mummy and a whole load of limitations we set for ourselves. We devote all our time and energy to our little ones and tend to neglect our own wellbeing and our own lives. What happened to the sky being the limit? Don’t get me wrong. There are some limitations that are real as we get older ie. Financial and health constraints. We don’t want to fall back on financial planning for old age and spend everything we have to travel around the globe and suffer the consequences in our later years. However, with appropriate planning we can save enough (it might take longer or shorter) to obtain things our heart desires.
Some day our kids will grow up and leave us to start their own families. The last we want after those long years of slogging is to feel emptiness in the house and our souls. From what I was taught growing up, we are suppose to grow up and support our parents when they get old. I have grown up and started a family but, believe it or not, I feel like they are still my pillar of strength when things get rough and when I need some form of help that’s where I turn to ie. When I had Candle in Singapore, A confinement nanny cost me SGD2,500 and I thought it was worth it. But in the US, labor doesn’t come cheap so my parents willingly flew over to provide assistance for 2 months.

It’s the circle of life. Fast forward 20-30years down the road, I think our kids will do the exact same thing! Turning back to us for some help and advice. I don’t they will have the capacity to shoulder all our weight when they have their own family to tend to.
Hence, I feel like we should not leave our own life behind just because we have kids. Instead, pursue a passion or learn new skills within our current constraints so that we have something to make us feel alive when we get old and lonely.

I am now crazy about climbing the treadWALL!! Makes me feel so excited every time I go to the gym! 🙂

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