Learning to draw

Candle was 1y9mo when I  first introduced the crayons, pencils and the concept of drawing. At that time she was learning how to grasp the crayons and very often will break them apart and also found joy tearing away the crayola labels.

After a couple of weeks, I had to drill in the fact that she should only use the crayons on paper and nowhere else – she started drawing on her table (which I think was ok for me) , the walls, the sofa, blanket and every imaginable place! That’s some clean-up for sure every time she gets her hands on drawing materials. At this point, she has learned to grasp her tools and also exerted enough force so that the ink is imprinted onto the surface she is looking to draw on.

I introduced the concept of shapes – circles, squares, triangle, hexagon, dot, lines etc. She found an immediate liking for dots! So the whole piece of paper was FULL of dots! 🙂 Lines on the otherhand, contrary to what we think, is actually pretty hard to master. The kids need to master their grasp and also learn how to control their tools to ensure the ink forms a straight line.

One day, Candle went to school and came back asking for paper and crayons. She started drawing line after line both vertically and horizontally. The lines were not perfect but she understood that practicing drawing lines meant she could dictate her tools to her preference and not the other way round.

Recently at 2y9mo, she managed to create a picture of daddy & mommy. I added mummy’s hair, eyebrows & nose but you get the gist!

Every lil step forward warms my heart ❤️

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