Itty Bitty Breakfast Club (Kirkland) 

There are a couple of flyers / brochures that I don’t immediately ball them up and take an aim at the recycle bin. Mini Boden, Hanna Anderson (you know what are my priorities!) and the unassuming one from Kirkland Parks and Recreation. In fact, I keep a lookout for their new release each season.

When I got hold of the Spring version, I knew there were two classes that I have wanted to sign up for – Teddy Bear Picnic & Itty Bitty Breakfast Club. I set my phone’s alarm, left a bunch of reminders and told Camelback about the scared 0000hr registration time and I slept through it all. I was fairly disappointed and was waitlisted for both class and eventually got our enrolment for the breakfast club.

We headed to Atrium Of McAuliffe Park (off Juanita Park) for our first class with Ms Karen. It was a pretty cosy set-up, with a kitchenette, a huge entertainment room with neatly laid out chairs and tables and a closet of aprons and chef hats. The class size is 8 and there is ample space for everyone to do their thing without feeling claustrophobic.

Our first cooking class was a recipe for “Green eggs and Ham”. I was surprised at the level the toddlers were allowed to participate in the cooking process. Sushi actually had a shot in cracking the egg, beating them with a whisk, slicing of the ham and spinach, measuring of the sour cream, tranferring her egg mixture into a bowl and operating the microwave!

The class was well-planned with different food options such as Turkey Vs Pork Vs Vegetarian ham to suit each family’s dietary habits.

Sushi was slicing up her ham with full concentration
I had to stop Sushi from munching the ham!
Sushi’s egg mixture was ready for the microwave
Sushi was counting down the 90 seconds for her eggs to be ready!
The masterpiece: Green eggs and (very few) ham

I like how Ms Karen has this rule ‘Take 2 bites’ of any new food and especially for something the kids have created. All the kids were chomping down their own creation and for the first time, no parents were heard ‘pleading’ their children to take a bite.

The class ended with a book read related to the recipe and Ms Karen read to the class “Green Eggs & Ham” by Dr Seuss.

The hour flew by and before we knew it, it was time to go home. Definitely looking forward to the next class with Ms Karen!

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