I’m so lucky to have you

It was a beautiful day so we took the kids to the beach by the Edmonds Ferry Terminal. We like this beach because it is seldom crowded, which means that Mommy will have no difficulty finding parking, and the kids will have plenty of space to play in.

We usually park next to the terminal on the north side because the parking lot is really near to the beach and I can easily load and unload the kids or our stuffs. There is a bathroom and wash point near by which makes this north part of the beach really convenient. However, the sand on this beach is more coarse. If you are a beach-goer from Carmel, CA to the northwest, you will find that this type of sand is nowhere like those on Carmel beaches.

Alternatively, you can park parallel to the street on the south side of the ferry terminal. There’s a three hour limit on most days. This side of the beach has slightly finer sand. There is a portion of the beach which is private property, so careful not to set up your picnic mats there. There is a bathroom near the breakwater further south, but there is no wash point. However, my kids like this part of the beach too because they can explore many bronze statues and walk along the paved boardwalk across the breakwater to talk to friendly stranger who are doing some recreation fishing on warmer days. They would usually show the kids their catch which is usually crabs.

Today, we just decided to stay at the north side. Although spring is kind of already here, it is still pretty chilly. The sun does warm us up generously, so it feels really good to be outdoors, especially by the ocean. The ocean breeze and the sounds of the waves just relaxes me. E3 was snuggling comfortably on me in our Ergo and that kept her warm too.

E1 and E2 love the beach. They took off on their own almost immediately at the moment they left the car. And that’s how I can slowly sneak up upon them to take pictures like this.

I’m so lucky to have you.

You are so lucky to have each other.

I remember the times we spent in California with just E1. At that time, we love going to the beach too. It was just her and us then. We have to be her playmates. Or she will be playing by herself.

But now, things are different. E1 has E2 and together, they have E3. They wake up every morning, waking each other up, so that they can run downstairs to play (noisily) together. They hide in the playroom after school so that I can’t see their playful mess and I can make dinner in somewhat peace (as long as E3 is not crying). They have a playmate wherever they go.

I will go wherever you will go.

Daddy and I have always wanted a child. And having E1 is really a blessing. She changes our life, for better or for worse, we love it. Then we know we wanted a second child. And E2 comes along. Life can’t be better or worse. Now we have E3 too. Life just got better or worse. And we still love it. Because no matter how dark the night is, how much rain there is, when the sun comes up, it’s a brand new day.

Another happy day.

With you.

XOXO, Grace

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