Free construction craft at the Home Depot

We headed down to our local Home Depots today in Bellevue, Shoreline and Issaquah for the Mother’s Day event for kids at the Home Depot. This is a monthly free event that runs from 9am to 12pm on a Saturday. You can sign up for it online ( and I recommend that you register for this in advance of the day itself ( you can’t sign up as you are lining up – trust me …I tried).

Bellevue Home Depot experience

I went with T1 and T2 at about 9 :30am today and there was a line about 10 families deep. The line moved fairly quickly and we were at the front within 20 minutes of waiting. Amazingly, T1 and T2 actually waited patiently! As we neared the front of the line, we heard that 320 people had registered for the event and they got that exact number of kits, so if you had not registered beforehand…they would turn you away and you could come back at 11am to see if there were leftover kits. I started to panic a little as I didn’t remember if I had signed up beforehand. Thank goodness I did!
The Home Depot had the lumber area cordoned off but people could still come in to pick up long pieces of lumber. That was a little dangerous with so many kids running around. They had many tables set up so that helped to keep a steady stream of people going.

The craft today is a planter and requires a little assembly with nails, a hammer and some painting. It was really cute to see some kids come with their Home Depot aprons and mini toolbox. I would say this planter can be done with assistance for a 3 year old. They had to knock in 4 nails to attach the legs to the base and then assemble the foam tulip and plastic pot.

Materials and instructions provided by Home Depot

T1 enjoys working with tools so he was ready to hammer away.

As expected, T2 painted her entire planter pink while T1 had a more psychedelic approach. We will definitely be back for another round next month!


Issaquah Home Depot Experience

It was our first time going to a Home Depot class so we were there right on time at 9am. There was a really friendly staff distributing the materials infront of the entrance. He greeted Candle and gave her a marker and an apron to write her name.

As she was writing her name, a short queue was forming behind us (oops!). Then he guided us to walk in the direction where the craft was taking place- walk towards the “lumber” signage then turn left and walk straight down to the activity area.
There were quite a number of tables and benches so it’s free sitting for all.

Candle holding the pillars steady and hammered on
Fixing the foam leaves and flower into the stick
Bought Candle a tiny succulent to go along with her flower pot


I feel like these classes enables me to be more daring towards the type of tools she can have access to. In normal day-to-day activities, I don’t think I will be open to the option of Candle holding a hammer and nails – unless they are toys!  We have signed up for the next class on  3rd June, you should too 🙂


Shoreline Home Depot Experience

On Saturdays when we have no special plans, we like to get out of the house early for a quick breakfast before heading to Home Depot for their monthly kids workshop. We visited our regular store on the first Saturday of May and the kids brought home a handmade flower pot. It was perfect for spring and Mother’s Day.

This month’s project was really easy, only four hammering steps and four nails involved. Our local store provides paint for you to personalized the project, but I advised the kids not to do it this time round, knowing that the paint is water-based and the rain is going to wash the paint away when the flower pot is left outside. If you intend to keep the project indoors, painting a 3D project would be really fun for the kids. Our local store also gave each participant soil and some flower seeds. The kids were so excited that they were given seeds to care for.

They carefully brought the flower pots home and made no spill of the soil or seeds in my car. Phew! We have a little garden patch outside our home, so the kids find their favorite spot for their pots and decorated the surrounding with butterfly stakes and wind vane.

Local community events like this bring communities together as we often meet neighbors and school mates at the store. It helps to foster a sense of belonging to the community for the kids. If you are interested to bring your kids to your local Home Depot for the next kids workshop, don’t forget to sign them up. Kids who signed up get priorities to the designated kits for the month. Our local store often hand out past kits such as the wooden tool boxes for families who didn’t sign up, but you do not want to disappoint your child by having to make another toolbox, if you don’t already have.

At the June workshop which is occurring on June 3, 2017 from 9am to 12pm, registered participants can build a wooden tic-tac-toe game to play with family or friends almost anywhere. All kids get to keep their project, receive a FREE certificate of achievement, a Workshop Apron, and a commemorative pin while supplies last. Last year we made a wooden bowling game. Handmade toys are really fun. You should try this out.

If kids workshop is not for you, you would be happy to know that Home Depot has other DIY workshops catered to various needs.

If you like DIY workshops like this, you may also like to see our review on Mother’s Day craft @ Michael’s.

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