Fishing @ Gold Creek Trout Farm

Looking for a toddler activity but do not wish to buy all the equipments for just one sitting? This is the exact place you need to be – pay for what you catch! I feel like its good for ages 3 and up because at this age they pretty much have a better grasp of the language and will also be able to follow simple instructions.

It was my first time fishing and i went in as a blank book – ready for all the instructions and methods i can use to catch a trout. They provide you with a fishing pole (pretty much homemade with a hook and fishing string attached), bait, a net, a bucket and a tweezer to remove the hook from the fish.

Simple steps i was taught:
1) Roll a tiny bit of bait into a ball and place it onto the hook – in this case, smaller is better because the fish here are really smart, they will chew the sides of the bigger baits and then you will return with an empty hook 🙁 what you want to achieve is to have the fish go really close to the hook and ultimately have them get the hook into their mouth so that you can reel in your lunch/dinner!

2) When you feel the fish tugging at your rod, pull alittle to move the fish closer to shore

3) Use a net to scoop the fish out of the water

4) Pour the fish out of the net into the bucket

5) Use the tweezer to release the fish from the hook. Hold the fishing reel and pull it so that the fish has his head near the tip of the bucket, take the tweezer and clip the hook, then with a quick ‘push and pull’ motion/jerk to unhook the fish. I feel this part is the hardest of them all but i think you can approach the team for help at your first try. You will get better with each try!

This place is made up of 2 ponds and its up to you to pick a spot. We had T1 (5yo) and T2 (3yo) in action, so one adult with a kiddo will be good. 

Initially T2 caught 2 fish and T1 caught none so the competition was intense. At the end of an hour,  they even it out and both of them got 3 each! Fishing was so fun and entertaining that they didnt want to stop …….

When you are satisfied with your catch, bring the bucket to the counter and she will measure the length of the fish to determine the price. 

She will also be able to kill and clean the fish for you, puts them into a plastic bag and you can bring them home – maybe bring another ziplock for double protection. 

Scaling of fish is not performed because she says she does not consume the skin so it is prepared like how she will consume it – wrap it into an aluminium foil and pop it into the oven.

Yummy lunch prepared by big T! This is as fresh as fish can ever be served 🙂

Imho, fishing is a pretty good activity for kids because it teaches life skills ie. patience while waiting for your catch, perseverance to keep trying if the bait gets eaten up and the reel returns with nothing, learns problem-solving ability by finding out how we can solve the mystery of hooks returning without a catch and reduce such incidence.

Why go for a pond and not head out to the jetty? I feel like it is pretty much a sure catch since these are medium size ponds with a good amount of fish swimming around so with the right technique it doesnt take too long (our kiddos are too young have that much patience to wait hours just for a catch!) – maybe it also has to do with the timing we were there so go in the morning when the fish are so very hungry!

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