Element 4th month

It seemed like it was just yesterday that our lil baby was born! She is hitting the 4th month mark this very day and we are so happy to have her!

The last few months was all about sleep, eat & poo. These couple of days she is very much awake and rather active. Tummytime used to last a few seconds and she’ll coo to signal that she is tired. Now she can last a whole 3mins if we make loadsa noise and keep clapping.

The best investment at this age is the musical mobile by tiny love (this is not paid advertisement). I like that it is battery operated so I don’t have to be physically around to turn the knobs. Really useful as a substitute for me during times when I have to leave to prep meals, use the restroom, bath etc. It plays for 20mins continuously and Element doesn’t seem to be bored of it at the moment.. even if I let it run another 20mins or just let her lie in the cot without the music.


The coming month we will work on her ability to turn and be on all fours.


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