Easter at the NorthWest

This is our second year celebrating Easter in Seattle. In the previous years in Chicago and San Jose, I have never brought the kids to any public Easter egg hunt event. My friends and I always organized our mini egg hunt just so that our then-still-very-young kids won’t get trampled upon by older kids, or worse, grown-ups, and it’s still okay if our kids pick up the eggs really slowly.

Now that E1 is older (she is six) and E2 is not so small either (he is three), I figured that Easter can be a lot of fun in a public event, especially if they get to meet Easter Bunny. Last year, we attended the egg hunt event at Edmonds, WA, organized by Reece Home Team and Edmonds Daybreakers Rotary Club with support from Snohomish County Fire District 1. This year, we plan to do the same this coming Saturday, April 15, 2017.

I really like this event because the organizers divided the egg hunt into three age groups – 2-4 years old, 5-7 years old and 8-10 years old. This helps to ensure that the younger kids can participate safely without the interference of the older kids and the older kids can enjoy a little competition with peers their size without worrying about younger kids too. So, it’s a win-win for all kids.

However, parking along the streets is limited given that the entire city of families and more will be there for the egg hunt. So plan to arrive at least 40 minutes before the start of the event. This year the egg hunt will start at 10am.

Last year, the kids and I arrived on time at 10am only to find that there was no parking available. After much circling and people are finally leaving, we found ourselves parked, but the egg hunt was over. Luckily the Easter bunny was still doing its rounds and gave some candies to the kids.

Hope to see you guys at the egg hunt! Happy Easter.

XOXO, Grace






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