Day trip to Woodinville – Molbak’s & Hollywood Schoolhouse

Nurseries are one of our favourite places to visit in spring. Such beautiful blooms and ambience just drains away all the pent up stress accumulated in the week. We have heard so much about Molbak’s and decided to make a day trip for it. I feel like it has so much under one roof ranging from plants to home decor to hand creams and even books!  I can spend my whole day in the store if i had the time – most of the things there are fragile so after telling Candle not to touch them she kinda got bored from it.

My favourite Rhodies 🙂

Le hubs wanted to get some water plants for his fish tank. We have been to a couple of nurseries in the last couple of weeks and did not get the opportunity to find any so he was really happy when there was such a huge selection to choose from. 

If you have some time, check out the video of my experience and decide for yourself if it is worth a visit. Prices are definitely more steep compared to other nurseries out there. I was looking at a blueberry bush and thought the plant they displayed was larger though pricier. I guess its more in the sense where you pay for what you get – if you are looking for a well-grown plant rather than starting from a small blueberry branch then Molbak’s the way to go otherwise, you can get a little blueberry branch from home depot and wait for a couple more seasons for it to take shape and enjoy the fruit of your labour.

We were up really early and did not get a chance to grab breakfast so we shared a ham quiche with caesar salad & coffee at the garden cafe. The quiche was delicious. Caesar salad that came with the quiche was a pretty big serving – definitely no complains about that 🙂 Although the dressing for the salad was a tad too salty for our palates. Coffee was pretty basic and nothing worth mentioning.

We also went across the road to check out the strip mall, an ongoing farmer’s market at the park and headed in the direction of Hanna Andersen outlet.

Time passed in a whiff when we are enjoying ourselves. It was 1pm – i was the only one with my stomach growling, le hubs was pretty full and the kiddos were deadbeat tired from roaming around and needed a nap.

I was pretty adamant about checking out Hollywood Playhouse for lunch because i love seafood paella. It seemed from the reviews on yelp that they serve up a pretty decent paella. It was not exactly in the same area as Molbak’s, we went up and down some hill and drove a distance probably in the direction of the wineries and towards Kirkland. Parking was definitely not a pleasant experience. I feel like 90% of the available lots had some sort of reservation for customers going to the wine cellar or the event area. Took us at least 20mins to wait and pounce on a lot.

It was not a big restaurant and did not seem stroller-friendly. It felt so claustrophobic – i had to squeeze my way between the tables to get to the restroom. I feel like we are constantly blocking the passage way of the waiters and if it was not for the raving reviews on yelp, I will have just head straight back home and get some food from a drive-thru instead. Checkout my video of the restaurant here.

We ordered a paella (for the hungry, me) and truffle fries (for the not so hungry, le hubs) – the kiddos were sound asleep at this point and needed a bed more than food. IMHO, I feel like the paella is what i will term as a risotto because the grains are more wet than a paella should be. That is not to say it was a bad dish – i Iove it! Rich seafood flavoured stock with every spoonful and i am glad to say that this will be my go-to place for seafood risotto 🙂 Truffle fries was generously tossed in truffle oil and the dips has a citrusy twist to them.
I am still in search of a traditional paella dish in the great Northwest. Please drop me a note if you had chanced upon a gem.


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