Checking out Dabuda Playhouse and Cafe

Angeline and I decided to visit Dabuda Playhouse and Cafe ( We went on a Thursday afternoon after 1, just in time for happy hour pricing (happy hour is from 1 to 6 on weekdays)! It is $11 for the first child and $9 for additional siblings. There was plenty of parking available when we went but the real issue was finding the place. Dabuda is nestled amongst auto workshops and car showrooms and the signage is poor. Angeline’s GPS led her completely astray.

Once we got there, the kids were ready to play. It was pretty quiet on a weekday afternoon and it felt like we had the place to ourselves. This was a plus point for us as other indoor play spaces can get pretty crowded.

T1 found a friend immediately and they ran around the play area and climbing structures on a grand pirate adventure.

Candle and T2 enjoyed playing together on the merry go round.

Even the babies came out to sit for abit!

The place seems very similar to Wiggleworks at the Crossroads Mall but significantly quieter (2 thumbs up!). The constant whirring of the air machines at Wiggleworks gives me a mega headache (thumbs down). It has alot of similar climbing stations, giant building blocks, and even the balloon enclosure.

However, Dabuda also has a Lego station away from the excitement for a quieter play time. The play area also has 2 little swings and a slide. The play area is better suited for kids age 2 to 5. It does not really have a quiet area for little ones and older kids may get bored pretty quickly.

I lured Big T. there with the promise of the cafe. Unfortunately, they were remodelling the cafe so there were no sandwiches or waffles available. They do have free cups of water and some basic snacks to purchase. Poor Big T. was pretty hungry. Sorry!

The good news is that food can be brought in so at least the kiddos got to enjoy some Nutella & oranges for a quick recharge.

The play area seemed clean and it did not have any weird smells. There was ample seating for parents and free wifi. I really liked that the play area was surrounded with windows so there was lots of natural light! That is always a plus in Seattle! Additionally, I liked that the entrance was to the side so when you exit, you are not immediately facing the parking lot (for parents with kids who might want to squirm out of grasp). All in, I thought Dabuda was not a bad deal, once you find the place!

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