Blazing Bagels review

Do you ever go to Marymoor park in Redmond? We like going to the big playground at Marymoor park and picking up some bagels, juice and cookies for our lunch at Blazing Bagels ( Blazing Bagels has a wide variety of bagels and they taste just as good as the bagels we used to get back East before we moved to Seattle.

The kids like the chocolate chip bagel with blueberry cream cheese. They are generous with the cream cheese which is a big plus in my book. Big T and I are big fans of the chevy bagel which is the everything bagel with cheese (so so good…trust me). We also like their bagel sandwiches. They are fresh and delicious but it can be kind of pricey at an average of $8 per sandwich.

It is easy to miss the place as it looks like a bunch of industrial warehouses and the our GPS always takes us to the wrong location, but Blazing Bagels has signs on the road…so just keep an eye out for the signs and you can’t go wrong. Parking is plenty so no worries there. They have outdoor seating and some indoor seating but it is limited. We like to take our order to go for a picnic in the park so we have never attempted to eat there.

They also have bags of day old bagels and pastries that sell for cheaper sitting on a shelf next to the baskets of freshly made bagels.

Like other bagel places, they also have tubs of flavored cream cheese to go.

The coffee is pretty good (that’s what Big T tells me) but I am no coffee expert. I usually get a big tub of orange juice for me and the kids to share. If coffee or juice is not your thing, they also have lots of other drink options.

While waiting for our order, we usually read some of the books available in a big basket for kids and chow down on the free samples of cake they have next to the cash register. We always end our meal with a black and white cookie (so common back East but I don’t see them much here). Yummy! Do you have any other favorite bagel places on the Eastside? If you do, let me know…we are always on the lookout for a good bagel!

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