Belleve Farmer’s Market

We headed to our neighborhood farmer’s market today. The Bellevue Farmer’s Market is held every Thursday from 3pm to 7pm at the parking lot of the Bellevue Presbyterian church. This market does not have as many stores as the Ballard or Fremont Farmer’s market but it has a good variety of options and works well for us. It is on a Thursday after school so it gives the kids something to look forward to on Thursdays. Parking is plentiful and that is always a boon with three kids in tow. The walk from the parking lot to the market itself is so very short (~1 minute). There are some port-a-potties available, no diaper changing facilities for sure. The weather today was pretty cool but when it is sunny, it can be a scorcher as there is very little shade. Today was the start of the Power Of Produce club for the kids. The P.O.P. club is for kids ages 3 to 7. Today, T1 and T2 received a cloth shopping bag each which they got to decorate with a bunch of stamps, and if they tried the produce of the day, they each received $2 in tokens to buy whatever they want from participating vendors. The produce today was strawberries….how hard is that to eat? T1 and T2 gobbled up their strawberries and happily accepted their $2 each!

Big T and T2 strolling thru the farmer’s market. T2 happily holding onto her shopping bag.

T1 and T2 decorating their shopping bags with stamps.

Last year, Kidsquest Museum had a booth and they always had neat activities for the kids from mixing colours to different types of playdough. The Bellevue library van also used to make an appearance but have yet to be sighted, Hopefully these beloved booths make a comeback this season. Today, they had free face painting for all. T1 and T2 love face painting. T1 got a shark and the Batman logo, T2 had a pink cupcake and pink ice cream cone painted. They were very pleased.


T1 proudly displaying his shark and batman logo.



T2 getting her pink on, She chose a pink ice cream cone with glitter and a pink cupcake with purple cherry.

They have a bunch of returning stalls and some new ones this year. As usual, Seattle Pops is present with delicious popsicle flavors like chocolate banana and Veraci Pizza is there with its wood fired pizza. I find the Green Goddess pizza to be quite bland but the New Yorker(sausage and peppers) is pretty tasty, It cost $6 a slice ( 1/4 of a pizza) or $24 for a whole pizza. There are also tons of flower stalls selling beautiful flowers at $5 to $10 a bouquet. They also have live music weekly at the farmers market so it is always lively at the market.


Seattle Pops, Veraci Pizza and flower stalls.

T1 enjoying the live music.

There are also stalls selling bread (Proven Bread is our favourite), caramels, pies, kombucha, soup, wine, honey, salsa, garlic spread, meat, cheese, seafood, apples, apple and pear cider, cherries, berries, tomatoes and vegetables. We always get our berries from Sky Harvest Produce (based in Mt. Vernon). Their berries are fresh and so so so very sweet (never moldy) and well priced. We have chanced upon moldy berries from some of the other vendors (despite those berries being picked the day of). We like to buy veggies from Foothills Farm. T1 and T2 always use their P.O.P club credits there and the farmer is so very generous and kind to them.

Big T and T2 with our tray of strawberries from Sky Harvest!


T1 and T2 trading their tokens for veggies from Foothills Farm!

There are also lots of food trucks and food stalls. Today we tried the cheese tamales (contains poblano peppers, tomatoes, onions and cheese), the lemon polvoron, hibiscus tea drink, and strawberry refresher drink from La Panaderia. We wanted to try the green chile chicken (spicy) and red mole pork tamales (not spicy) but they were sold out. Bummer! Next time…next time. The cheese tamales were pretty tasty but a tad too spicy for T1 and T2. The strawberry drink was tasty and refreshing and not too sweet. The hibiscus tea was intense but way toooooo sweet for my liking. I definitely added a ton of San Pellegrino to it it when we got home! Ahhhh….just right! The lemon polvoron ( also come in sprinkles and cinnamon sugar flavor) is a flavorful but a tad dry ( I’ve never had one so I don’t know if it is supposed to be kinda dry). We also got a New Yorker pizza from Veraci to fill the kids up. Now till next Thursday!


T1 and T2 eagerly anticipating their tamales and drinks.

The crew enjoying their meal with live music in the background.

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