Adios, Winter! Spring has sprung.

Who’s counting down to the warmer days in Seattle (oh well, maybe 50 deg with NO rain, I will take that) like our family is? 

It’s (almost) time.

When we first learned and planned for our move from Boston to Seattle, we had a lofty aspiration set for Washington. With over 3000 hikes and trails in the ‘Evergreen’ state, we are spoilt for choice. Our limitation? 

Well, a toddler.

Nevertheless, we did well in our first year  with over 20+ hikes and trails in our bag. All thanks to my husband, who shall be refered to endearingly as ‘CamelBack’, lugging the almost 40lbs hiking rack. The weight is inclusive of our toddler, food & water, bug sprays and other ‘survival’ items. (Hmm, a couple of Kinder Bueno, a few packet of Sun Chips surely won’t hurt his back, right?)

Typically, we would hang our hiking boots from mid October to early April as that’s when the weather gets ugly, trails get slippery and wet.  When the polar bears go into hibernation, we go into ‘hikernation‘ mode. 

Despite being in ‘hikernation‘, there are a couple of spots we love to revisit as a family (or when we have visitors in town) and one of them is the Frenchman Coulee in the vicinity of Columbia River Gorge in Vantage, East of Washington State. 

Last Sunday, we decided to take an impromptu drive to Columbia River region and was pleasantly surprised by the warmer climate in the region. As we arrived at Frenchman Coulee, there were entourages of rock climbing enthusiasts scaling the basalt columns. For non-climbers, you would be equally amazed at the beauty of these columns and in my opinion, a beautiful landscape like one would only see in Arizona. 

And of course at this point, Camelback’s eyes were no longer on the road. 

There is a fairly easy 1.7miles hike-loop at the Frenchman Coulee that we missed out on this trip due to the lack of preparation. And yes, both of us shudder at the thought of hand carrying a 28lbs toddler. 

Frolicking in the sun at Frenchman Coulee
Camelback guiding our toddler to leap and ‘rock’climb

One thing for sure, we definitely got our weekly dosage of Vitamin D. 

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