8,059 miles later.

Singapore is the place we call home – Raise your hand for crispy yet flaky prata, a icy cup of Milo dinosaur, walking safely on the streets at 2am without a spot of gum in sight (gum can only be purchased with a prescription and this never fails to raise an eyebrow!). Being Singaporean is what brought us together and how this blog came about.

Hi! We are friends who hail from sunny Singapore but now reside in rainy Seattle. In Singapore, throw on a tank top and a pair of shorts and you are ready to head out the door. Now we’ve gotta check the weather forecast cause the summer can actually be chilly! Seattle, the city we have learned to love offers us endless hiking trails, an appreciation for the seasons and an abundance of fresh seafood.

In our previous lives, we were a teacher, scientist, business advocate and financial analyst. Currently, we spend our time and energy raising the kiddos while the hubs go to work. We need all the vitamin Bs we can get for the energy boost!

Finding that we are thousands of miles away from our families and at a similar point in our lives, we bonded easily while trading potty training tips and laughing about diaper mishaps. Join us for the ride as we navigate our way through parenting and Seattle’s playgrounds.

Our circle of friends

Angeline O.

Candle & Element

We moved to San Francisco in 2015 when Candle was 7months old. SF felt very much like Singapore with great sunny weather (minus the humidity) and loads of Asians. We love going to the different parks and events every weekend so there was never a dull moment.

When Candle was 1.5years old, my D found another stint in Seattle and we have been here ever since. It took awhile to get adjusted and meet new friends but we got there! We love the cherry blossoms that blooms in spring, concerts in the park during summers, berries picking in autumn and definitely sledding winters!

Candle is a preschooler who loves to sing and draw. Her love for singing makes learning mandarin a tad faster. Her favorite activity book is one with tons of stickers! We work on that every night before her bedtime. She is really outgoing and friendly so all she needs is company to play with! Element is really cheery, curious and patient.  I think when Element grows up they will get along really well 🙂

One thing that I really miss that can be replicated here is the food! I will be trying out some recipes in my kitchen and will be documenting them in this space too.

When you have more than one kid -with car seat in one hand, a highly mobile kid in another and some bags of groceries- the last thing you want is to fumble with the door latch! I will definitely recommend a minivan, no matter how unattractive the mph.. the power sliding door is the ultimatum!


Grace A.

E1, E2 and E3

Hi, my name is Grace. I was a teacher and then a mom to three precious little ones. We moved to Seattle two years ago. Since then, we have been embracing ourselves with raincoats, umbrellas and wellies.

E1 is our grade-schooler. She is an artist, a writer and a perfectionist. Her passion for art started when she was three and she is my motivation to set-up a mini home-based art studio for kids to explore and express themselves creatively. Check here to see more about our little artful adventure.

E2 is our preschooler. He is the sweetest, funniest, most sensitive little guy I have ever known. Our home never ceases to be messy and filled with laughters with him around. He was the inspiration to start a blog documenting our crazy happy little California life together.

E3 is our little baby. She is the happiest little baby ever even though she has to scream louder, cry more and wait longer before she gets any attention from any one of us. We are elated to have her in our life and can’t wait to have her grow along with us.


Jerlyn H.


We are a family of three who are incredibly inspired by the adventurous spirit of Russell and the love between Carl & Ellie Fredrickson. So “Up” we go and to see the world is a motto we live by.

Suns out, Guns out! This is especially true in rainy Seattle where our family has been residing for the past 18 months. We adore our weekends, often packing it in with outdoor activities, roadtrips, hiking, stand-up paddle, rock-climbing or really just whatever the weather permits.

I am a SAHM with a SAHK(id) who is turning 2 year old. Sushi is an effervescent (also literally bubbly and fizzly) toddler always bouncing off the walls and her favorite hobby is chilling in a lounge chair with her father.

Join us on our adventures as we explore what this journey away from home has to offer.

Ships, A’hoy!


Shu K.

T1, T2 and T3

Big T. and I moved to rainy Seattle from Pittsburgh right before T1 was born in 2012. We thought about having an awesome cross country drive but vetoed that idea quickly when it involved 3 cats and me being 7 months pregnant. Since then, we’ve added T2, 3 tetras and T3 in that order. The kids would love a dog but we are already a mini zoo over here.

Our days are filled with art projects (T1 can turn anything into a light sabre), trips to the science center and diapers (I feel like we should be investing in P&G stock). It can get kind of crazy and I will find myself wondering what I got myself into…then one of them will give me a big hug or an “I love you so much Mummy!!” which totally makes the chaos worth it.

T1 is my oldest and he is energetic, imaginative, and loving. He loves playing outdoors and is often leading his sister on an exotic adventure in the backyard. T2 is our pink princess. She is sweet, creative and very protective of her family. She loves playing dress up…you guessed it…especially if it involves princess costumes. T3 is our youngest and she has an ever ready smile, infectious laugh and patient nature. She lights up when her siblings enter the room and can’t wait to join the fun!