We’re off to see the lions!

It was cool and sunny yesterday , perfect for an excursion and so Big T. and I took the little Ts to the Woodland Park Zoo in Wallingford, Seattle. It is $20 for an adult and $12 per child (free 2 and under). A membership is a pretty good deal too at $49 per adult and $19 per child for a year. As the weather was amazing yesterday, everyone in Seattle seemed to be out on the roads and so traffic seemed extra heavy coming from the Eastside (boo!). Once we were at the zoo, the kids perked up right away and couldn’t wait to see the animals.

We headed straight to the farm area where the kids looked at pigs, goats, chickens, cows and donkeys.

T1 and T2 also checked out bug world while I kept T3 company in the stroller (no strollers allowed in bug world).

The kids also enjoyed climbing this web. T1 proclaimed he was Spiderman and T2 chimed in, “I’m Iron Lady!” T1 and T2 scampered up the web pretty quickly to my surprise. It always amazes me how quickly they grow. It feels like yesterday when they needed alot of help to get up and across these climbing obstacles.

We visited the flamingoes and red pandas before spending some time at the Zoomazium. I love this indoor playground especially in the summer. A big treehouse to climb, a cordoned off area for little ones, an area to nurse, puzzles to work on and specimens to explore, A.C. in the summer, warm in the winter, what’s not to love?


Up next, the carousel! The kids got to choose their favorite horse and T1 enjoyed pretending that he was racing his horse.


Then the bamboo grove playground where the kids got to practice balancing and jumping.

We got to see the wallabies and emus in Australasia , and the wolves and a mountain goat on the Northern Trail.

The Tropical Asia exhibit was closed much to our disappointment. We saw the lions, the giraffes and 2 zebra butts in the African Savanna section. I love that the zoo has lots of play areas interspersed with the animal exhibits so there was never a dull moment. The kids enjoyed looking at the animals and playing at the different playgrounds and at the end of our visit, they were pretty much tuckered out from walking the trail at the zoo!

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