4am = 4pm 

I used to be a really deep sleeper, no loud drummings can get me out of bed if I didn’t have plans for the day. If I made plans, my mum will usually be tasked to jostle me till I regain consciousness. So I have always wondered why my mum would be awaken by the slightest sound. Finally found my answer 2years ago…..

Every breathe, every movement or minute sound my baby makes jolts me awake. I’ll have to check if she needs any help, wants some milk, needs a diaper change or it could just be an uncomfortable time for her tummy till she poops. In the first couple of months when she is dependent on milk for survival -doesn’t matter whether you are nursing,expressing or making formula- meant that there is no difference between day or night! There isnt such a time concept for a newborn unless you go through a period of sleep training and get them accustomed to a routine.

What sleep training entails
? Get them into a routine to ease them into sleep i.e. Bath, change into sleeping wear, sing a song, pat them till they reach a ‘drowsy’ state (Almost sleeping but not there yet) and leave them to learn to ease themselves to sleep. There will be a lot of crying and fussing in this period and it will seem like the longest of nights and the craziest idea to want a kid in the first place! But if you are successful there will be many great nights ahead (that is until they fall ill and will need all the attention they can get).

When can you start sleep training? I started sleep training when Element was around 2.5months old and it took about 7days. My pd recommended me to start at 4months old. So it just depends on when you think you are ready to endure the process for at least a week or two? The later you start, the longer you have to endure the heart wrenching cries of the lil one because they got used to the idea of having attention the moment they called for it.

I did not sleep train Candle (yet) so we still have to jump into bed with her and (pretend to) sleep. She has a lot more energy now and it actually takes a minimum of 2hrs before she is willing to shut her eyes. I will have closed mine in the midst of pretending and sometimes wake up for my scheduled pump (at 12am) to find her still awake! I plan to sleep train her too.. not too sure when at the moment.

For those of you who are interested, I am wishing your sleep training endeavor a success!


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