2Mamas & 5kiddos! (American Girls & Blackball Review)

The grass is always greener on the other side – isn’t it?

Well it really depends on which days you are taking about. Days when we get to go on family road trips in an hour or 2, oyster harvesting at the beach, pick strawberries at the farms, short flights to theme parks, take a short cruise to Alaska to check out the northern lights etc. These are most definitely fun times!

There are also days when our hubs have to go on business trips…. long long nights because it will be just us and the toddlers. An extra pair of eyes to watch the little ones really makes a whole load of difference!

Coincidentally, Huaysin’s hubs and mine both went on business trips the same week in the last month. We decided on a mini stayover – 2 mamas and 5kiddos! Can you imagine that?

Musical moment
Art session
Fashion discussion

Lil babies joining in the fun!


We also went shopping at Alderwood Mall. This is my favorite go-to mall when we head in the direction of Lynnwood. Very well-designed taking into consideration the weather and demographics. The shops are in a huge complex (not like a strip mall) and pretty much fully sheltered. There are open spaces for sunny days which is effectively in use for 3 months in a year…. or hopefully more.

We went into American Girl…. and only came out after 2 hours! I feel that these dolls are built on great values and intention- teaching children to embrace themselves no matter how different they are. I love the idea!

The store is very well designed and the kids can access little sample playsets.

Candle’s favourite is the jukebox! It play real music when u click on the buttons.


Love these wellies – change the design by wearing different socks! Definitely our next pair when Candle outgrows her current.

We went into Build-A-Bear for 20mins!

They have little skates for the toys that can walk on all fours! so lovable 🙂


As Singaporeans, we definitely had to try out some food! We decided on some desserts at Blackball. They have ice shavings, bubble tea and warm desserts on their menu.

We got the matcha ice shavings with 3toppings (matcha jelly, sesame balls and mini taro sweet potato balls), 2 grass jelly drinks and 1 milk tea with boba.

Imho, i will probably come back for will be the matcha jelly, grass jelly and milk tea. The matcha they used were definitely premium quality and very fragrant. Grass jelly was smooth and almost silky.. slurpss! Milk tea was distinctively different from most of the bubble tea shops in Washington- most of the boba tea tastes more like sugary syrup drinks-there is a fragrant tea aroma in theirs. I was pretty disappointed in their sesame/taro/sweet potato balls… they all tasted like tough floury balls. I couldn’t taste the difference between the taro & sweet potato!

I have just heard that Lychee Crushed Ice is their best on the menu. I havent had the chance to check it out yet but if you are heading in that direction and love the idea for some cooling dessert. Let me know how it went!

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