1st week at Bright Horizons

In my previous post, I had a pretty bad experience at the preschool Candle attended for 5months. You can read about it here.

We have moved on to another school in the area and have not been happier since! The first week at Bright Horizons was filled with much joy and relief.

1) There is definitely no basement to speak of and very much stroller accessible.

2) I-90 traffic is always a breeze (fingers crossed).

3) The teachers are so warm and approachable! It’s so pleasant to start off the day with their wonderful smiles.

4) This location doesnt expose kids to mandarin (they have locations that do but it really depends on availability) but hey, they have spanish. So i get to learn some new spanish words with Clare on our vtech laptop too.

5) In-house cook and different menus every week!

6) We have access to an app which updates us on their daily activities, food intake, potty training successes/failure

7) access to a database of resources to help us with our journey through parenthood ie. Activities we can do with our kids that are STEM-related, video calls with professionals where we can voice our concerns etc. You can definitely choose to read all or none – depending on the degree of involvement you will like to have as a parent.

As of now, i pretty much think that i am leaving Candle in safe hands. Hoping it stays this way 🙂

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